Wood Restoration Made Simple

Wood Restoration Made Simple

While modern architecture design tends to emphasize sleek metal and elegant granite, there is a timeless quality to wooden interiors that can never be ignored. From properties used for municipal governments to corporate headquarters and higher institutions, wood continues to play a core role in interior design everywhere. However, wood that is neglected for long periods of time loses that appeal as cracks, fading, and even vandalism ruin these key building assets.

Yet property owners aren’t out of luck. As a leading provider of building restoration services for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, SAS Maintenance can restore valuable wooden property elements. Our wood restoration experts have the experience and the know-how to do the job done according to your budgets and deadlines.

Keeping Your Property Sleek
and Refined

In contrast to architectural metal and marble restoration, wood restoration work requires a more delicate touch and an exceptional attention to detail. At SAS Maintenance, we handle all our restoration projects and maintenance plans with the utmost care to your valuable wooden assets. Our wood restoration services include the following:

  • Wood Repair
    Wood Repair removes scuffs and scratches from surfaces.
  • Wood Refinishing
    Wood Refinishing touches up wood with a level of polish and lacquer that makes it look its best.
  • Stain Removal
    Stain Removal restores wood to its original state.
  • Painting
    Painting services allow you to update your property whenever you like.
Don’t let your property’s wooden assets become an eyesore.
If you’re looking for wood restoration services, contact us today.