Providing Quality Marble and Stone Restoration

Providing Quality Marble and Stone Restoration

Marble Restoration that Meets your Needs

When it comes to architectural design, few building materials can match the classic and elegant look of stone and marble. Recognized the world over for its elegant appeal, stone is responsible for some of the most visually impressive buildings and structural facades around. This is, of course, when a building’s exterior is properly maintained.

Over a long enough period of time, stone property elements gradually become damaged and require restoration to regain the look they once had. That’s where SAS Maintenance comes in. The marble and stone restoration work we perform is designed to reverse even the most extensive damage and return the visual appeal of properties to their former glory – or even better.

Marble Restoration
that Meets your Needs

Our marble and stone restoration services address the many different kinds of damage your property’s stone may have received. The following are but a few of the stone restoration services that may be applied to your building’s exterior or interior:

  • Stone and Marble Repair
    Stone and Marble Repair fills chips, scratches and deep cuts in stone.
  • Marble and Stone Polishing
    Marble and Stone Polishing removes imperfections in marble and other stone while bringing it to its natural shine.
  • Marble Cleaning
    Marble Cleaning removes stains and graffiti on walls, floors, and ceilings with safe, nonabrasive chemicals
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance keeps your fine stone looking brand new through our additional service plans.

SAS Maintenance’s approach to building restoration is comprehensive. Should customers be in need of a particular service that we do not have listed above, we may work with them to deliver on requested functions.

If your property’s stone elements are cracking, fading or simply in need of cleaning,
please contact us today.